The Proud People Of Sicily

The people of Sicily are proud and passionate. There is much more to Sicily than castles, temples, beaches, churches and Sicilian festivals; it's also the people.

What is life like for Sicilians? Who are the genuine people of Sicily? They are the life and passion of this paradise known as Sicily, and definitely worth getting acquainted with. They are the real reason it's such an exceptional place.

Around the Eighteenth century, British aristocrats, and later the French and Germans, developed the Europe "Grand Tour" to learn about others whose history had an impact on their own. This was an excellent chance to discover all the things that couldn't be found in the history books, for those who could afford it.

Around the time of the 1970s, visitors had developed into "tourists" looking for quality sights and attractions and great places to dine. Now, in the twenty-first century, those same people seem very interested in learning about those who live in the places they visit. They are more savvy than ever and seem to realize Italians are more than just people who "happen to speak a different language." Many who are of Sicilian descent even go so far as to look into Sicily Genealogy. Nowadays, travel guides and internet destination guides express the philosophy that the people who live within a great travel destination are just as important as the place itself. That when you explore the people of the land, you more fully enjoy your vacation experience.

This is probably the reason that so many writers explore cultural topics. If everyone was the same, there would be no interest. If every destination was the same, no one would want to visit.A church becomes so much more interesting if you learn about the weddings and other ceremonies that happen there. To truly appreciate a palace or castle it helps to know a little about the aristocracy.

You can have a much more fulfilling travel experience if you know a little bit about the people and their Sicily traditions and lifestyle. That means learning about their good traits, and maybe some not so good traits, but it's true and real, not the commercial image created just for "tourists."

Discovering the real people of Sicily is a bit of a challenge, but your best bet is to look in places away from designated "tourist areas." You won't find the "real people of Sicily" working in the local hotel, as tour guides or as members of the professional travel industry. You'll find them a little off the typical tourist places like Capo d'Orlando or Caltavuturo.

If you go this route, keep in mind that everyone is an individual, and in Sicily social classifications are more noticeable than in other areas of Western Europe. For the people of Sicily, one's social habits, personality and character may not necessarily be what you'd expect from their profession, level of education or material lifestyle. That's what sets Sicily apart from places like Australia, Canada and the United States. For the people of Sicily, parents, family and the influence of peers is very strong.

You may decide to visit Sicily without a tour group. While Italian tour guides have a great amount of knowledge of the area, they seem to focus more on the places and less on the people of Sicily. Setting off on your own is more challenging and requires a bit more planning but can also be more rewarding.

If you'd rather have a guide but don't want to travel with a large group you have the option of a small guided group. There are some very good tours available. It's always a good idea to read a bit about Sicily before visiting. You may even want to take a short, quick Italian language course, especially if you plan to venture down the road less traveled.

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